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Responding to Global Stimulant Use: Challenges and Opportunities

Farrell, M., Martin, N. K., Stockings, E., Bórquez, A., Cepeda, J. A., Degenhardt, L., ... & Shoptaw, S. (2019). Responding to global stimulant use: challenges and opportunities. The Lancet.
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Stimulants drugs increase the activity of the central nervous system producing feelings of euphoria, increased confidence, sociability, energy, and wakefulness. 

UNODC Training for Uruguayan Policymakers on the Nature, Prevention and Treatment of Drug Use Disorders

A policy maker training on the nature, prevention and treatment of drug use disorders was organized for 50 participants in coordination with the National Board of Drugs (Uruguay), the UNODC Country Office in Peru and Ecuador, and the UNODC regional section for Latin America from 9-11 September 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay. In the opening of the meeting, the Secretary General of the National Board of Drugs (Diego Oliveira) outlined the national strategy on drugs. Moreover

NIDA Notes: Impacts of Drugs on Neurotransmission

NIDA. (2017, March 9). Impacts of Drugs on Neurotransmission. Retrieved from https://www.drugabuse.gov/news-events/nida-notes/2017/03/impacts-drugs-neurotransmission on 2018, August 22
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This articles discusses the central importance of studying drugs’ effects on neurotransmission and describes some of the most common experimental methods used in this research.

34th Annual Idaho Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependence

Boise, United States,

The purpose of the Idaho Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency is to provide education and training for substance abuse and dependence professionals and educators in behavioral health care, criminal justice and recovery support. Over 650 treatment, prevention, coalition professionals and agency administrators, both from the public and private sectors, regularly attend the conference.