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Drug Use at Universities - Staff's Perspective


An open and honest conversation around drug-related issues at universities from the perspective of staff.

In this free webinar, different stakeholders from different universities will share their observations and experiences around student drug use. 

Intimate-Partner Violence and its Relationship With Substance Consumption by Mexican Men and Women: National Survey on Addictions

Natera Rey, G., Moreno López, M., Toledano-Toledano, F., Juárez García, F., & Villatoro Velázquez, J. (2021). Intimate-partner violence and its relationship with substance consumption by Mexican men and women: National Survey on Addictions. Salud Mental, 44(3), 135-143. doi:https://doi.org/10.17711/SM.0185-3325.2021.018


Introduction: Research findings about intimate-partner violence (IPV) have focused mostly on women as victims of violence. Recent studies show the importance of violence inflicted by women towards men or between same-sex couples.

Kenya Launches National Guidelines on Drug Use Prevention

June 26, 2021, Nairobi, Kenya:- As the World commemorated the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (IDADA) on June 26, 2021, Kenya has added another milestone in the journey towards a nation free from alcohol and drug abuse:-The National Guidelines on Drug Use Prevention were launched! Previously in Kenya, the approach to prevention has been single event activities, development and dissemination of information, education and communication (IEC) materials on myths and the negative

Family, a Key Social Institution for Addressing Drug Abuse, Violence and Mental Health


64th Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), a virtual side event on “Family a key social institution for addressing substance use, violence, mental health and promote sustainable development: Lessons learned from parenting under stress, in humanitarian settings and in the context of COVID19 and beyond”

Tuesday 13th of April 2021, 13:10-14:00 CET

Study on the Impact of COVID-19 on Drug Use Situation and Services for People who Use Drugs in Central Asia

UNODC Mentor in collaboration with colleagues from Coordination and Analysis Unit of the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia conducted a rapid assessment in four countries of Central Asia. The main goal of the brief research was to study the impact of restrictive measures imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic on the situation with drug use and provision of drug dependence treatment and services to reduce the negative health and social consequences as well as assist

Drug Use and COVID-19 in Prisons: First Clinic Dedicated to the Treatment of People Living in Prisons with Opioid Use Disorders in Kenya

In 2018, Mombasa planned to set up a methadone programme for heroin injecting drug users living in prisons. As a follow up, UNODC worked together with the County of Mombasa and the Kenya Prison Service in 2019, to support and expand Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) service provision to the prison population. Understanding that people in prison settings who use MAT services in the public-dedicated clinic could be unnecessarily put at risk of infection, and in

Illicit Drug Trafficking and Use in Libya: Highs and Lows

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U.S. Institute of Peace
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Following the overthrow of Muammar Gadhafi in 2011, Libya has faced security and economic challenges. Drug trafficking and consumption have also increased significantly over the past years.  This report by the U.S. Institute of Peace documents drug trafficking, drug use, treatment efforts, and Libya's conflict dynamics.