A Guide to Using the Networks

To join a network, add messages, videos, and links or contribute to discussions you must be logged in . So what are they? Networks are online defined interest groups that allow health care professionals, researchers, practitioners and others working in the drug demand reduction field to share research, events, news, success stories, resources and information relevant to the substance use prevention, treatment and recovery field in a virtual setting. There are three types of networks

Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines: A Comprehensive Update of Evidence and Recommendations

Benedikt Fischer et al. “Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines: A Comprehensive Update of Evidence and Recommendations”, American Journal of Public Health 107, no. 8 (August 1, 2017): pp. e1-e12.
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Background: Cannabis use is common in North America, especially among young people, and is associated with a risk of various acute and chronic adverse health outcomes. Cannabis control regimes are evolving, for example, toward a national legalization policy in Canada, with the aim to improve public health, and thus require evidence-based interventions.

Evidence Lacking on Benefits of Cannabis for Treating Chronic Pain or PTSD

By Kelly Young Edited by David G. Fairchild, MD, MPH , and Jaye Elizabeth Hefner, MD Evidence is limited on the benefits of cannabis use for treating chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to two reviews in the Annals of Internal Medicine . The review on chronic pain included 75 studies that examined the potential benefits and harms of cannabis use. There was low-strength evidence that cannabis could help ease neuropathic pain in some

Seminar on Cost-Effective Measures for Reducing Harmful Use of Alcohol

Bogota, Colombia,

In 2016, Colombia’s Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in collaboration with PAHO, developed a strategic and management framework to manage the harmful use of alcohol in the country. This framework is aligned with the National Plan for Health Promotion, Prevention, and Care for Psychoactive Substances, and draws on global guidelines and recommendations.