EUSPR Awards

The EUSPR Awards are now open! Nominations can be made for: The Sloboda Medal for sustained contribution to the development of Prevention Science in Europe and internationally The Leading European Prevention Science Practitioner Honour- awarded for outstanding leadership of the adoption and implementation of evidence based prevention strategies, including support for further high-quality research evaluation. Deadline for submission of nominations: September 1st 5pm (GMT)

Better Prevention of Drug Use, Healthy and Safe Development of Children in Belarus

UNODC had the honour of facilitating a seminar for policy makers in Belarus at the request of the Ministry of Interior of the country. The event was organised with the support of the UN Resident Coordinator and the contribution of UNAIDS, UNFPA and UNICEF. More than 40 policy makers, including representatives from the Ministry of Education, Information and Health, as well as CSOs were present at the training. Participants worked together over three days to

UNODC Partnership with Lions Club to Develop Personal and Social Skills of Adolescents

The UNODC/WHO Second Update Edition of the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention http://bit.ly/2D1Qua4 identifies evidence-based education on personal and social skills as one of the effective strategies to prevent drug use and other risky behaviours in early adolescence. We also know from the work of the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance that such programmes have been found to be effective in preventing youth violence ( https://www.who.int/violenceprevention/en/ ). This is why UNODC was delighted to attend

The Results of the WHO-UNODC Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility Survey in Serbia

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Serbia, UNODC supported the implementation of the UNODC/WHO substance use disorder treatment facility survey to map existing treatment capacity. The results of the survey serve national policy makers to enhance the availability and quality of services across the country. This is the first global pilot of the UNODC/WHO survey tool and the first in the country with such an implementation methodology and such an

Online Panel Discussion: The Evidence on #Edibles

Online Panel Discussion,

Tune into CCSA's Facebook page February 26th at 8am EST for The Evidence on #Edibles, a special Facebook Live event.

CCSA will be live streaming a panel discussion about Canada's upcoming cannabis edible legalisation.


Substance Use and the Maldives

Published by
Ali Adyb - International Master Trainer
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There are decades’ worth of evidence from around the world to guide us; we need to follow it. Given the importance of the issue, I say let’s do all interventions that have shown promising results. But what does this mean for drug use in Maldives?

While understanding the complexities of drug use within a society is not easy, we still can make a couple of general statements.