Addiction and the Family in Malaysia

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This Webinar will look at the interface between how families are caught up in addiction problems and how that plays out in both a Malaysian and Muslim culture; and will also look at how policy is framed in Malaysia related to all of addiction, families, and Affected Family Members.

25th January 2022, 10:00 am UK time (18:00 pm Malaysian time)

Adfam National Forum- Prescription drugs and the impact on families

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Adfam's monthly online forum events are free to attend and open to anyone with a professional interest in supporting families affected by substance use or gambling. 

By attending Adfam’s forum events you will hear from experts across the sector, network with others working in the same area and share practice.

Drug prevention and healthy development of children: Caring for your child in a crisis situation

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Crisis situations, such as security incidents, earthquakes and floods, are on the increase and often leave families very vulnerable. Parents that have lived through crisis situations have reported how concerned they are about their children’s wellbeing. When facing the many physical consequences of crisis contexts, parents often struggle to know how best to respond to their children.

Impact of an adult family member’s problematic substance use on family life

Sari Kaarina Lindeman, Kristine Berg Titlestad, Lennart Lorås & Terese Bondas (2021) An unknown invisible intrusion. Impact of an adult family member’s problematic substance use on family life: a meta-ethnography, Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, DOI: 10.1080/09687637.2021.1943316

Problematic substance use can be a significant cause of stress for family members of the person using substances. This review, published in the journal Drug: Education, Prevention and Policy, examines current research in order to explore the question 'What is the impact of an adult family member's problematic substance use for family life?'

Following a systematic search, the researchers analysed the data of 15 qualitative studies.

Predictors of Burden and Resilience in Family Caregivers of Individuals With Opioid Use Disorder.

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Journal of Addictions Nursing
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Family caregivers are an essential resource for individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD). Overburdened caregivers often experience detrimental effects to their emotional and physical well-being.


Kenya Launches National Guidelines on Drug Use Prevention

June 26, 2021, Nairobi, Kenya:- As the World commemorated the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (IDADA) on June 26, 2021, Kenya has added another milestone in the journey towards a nation free from alcohol and drug abuse:-The National Guidelines on Drug Use Prevention were launched! Previously in Kenya, the approach to prevention has been single event activities, development and dissemination of information, education and communication (IEC) materials on myths and the negative

Stigma towards people bereaved by drug-related death

Kari Dyregrov & Lillian Bruland Selseng (2021) “Nothing to mourn, He was just a drug addict” - stigma towards people bereaved by drug-related death, Addiction Research & Theory, DOI: 10.1080/16066359.2021.1912327

Drug-related deaths can result in complex emotional turmoil for family members who are going through a grieving process at the same time as often experiencing a level of stigma.

Despite the high frequency of drug-related deaths worldwide, there is a need for knowledge around how the bereaved deal with grief and the nature and the implication of stigma surrounding a drug-related death.

An Integrative Review of Measuring Caregiver Burden in Substance Use Disorder

Tyo, M. B., & McCurry, M. K. (2020). An integrative review of measuring caregiver burden in substance use disorder. Nursing Research, 69(5), 391-398.
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Background: Family caregivers contribute to engagement in treatment and adherence, reduced substance misuse and relapse, and increased well-being of recipients with substance use disorder. However, providing care has also been associated with negative emotional and physical health outcomes for caregivers.

Children's Rights in Drug Treatment Programmes Survey

Dianova International launched an online survey gathering information about how children's needs are being addressed in adult drug treatment programmes, and by identifying ways of promoting family-centred services respectful of the needs of children, and based on a child rights perspective. The survey is addressed to treatment professionals and available in English, Spanish and French. The deadline for submitting input is 15 June 2021.