Dubai Loosens Laws as UAE Alcohol Sales Fall

The tourist industry is vital to Dubai. However, recently there has been a widening economic downturn affecting the country. The UAE dominates other countries around the Middle East when it comes to drinking, with per capita alcohol consumption of 3.8 litres (1 gallon) per person per year. However, over recent years there has been a notable decline in overall sales of alcohol from 161.5 million litres (42.6 million gallons) in 2018, down from 163.7 million

Youth, Drugs and Alcohol- Social Science Approaches


Among many young Europeans, alcohol and drugs are the preferred means of altering consciousness. These substances are used as part of various social activities either on weekends in bars, nightclubs, or music festivals or on weekdays.

How does MDMA Kill?

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MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception (awareness of surrounding objects and conditions). MDMA was initially a common nightlife drug, but it affects a broader range of people.

NIGHTS 2018 Conference

Brussels, Belgium,

NIGHTS 2018 conference will take place from the 15th to the 17th of November in Brussels. The event will address issues concerning night-time economy, nightlife culture, urban development and related public health concerns.

A special focus will be dedicated to urban-coexistence, nightlife-master plans, night councils and ambassadors, drug policy, festival-safety, leisure tourism and nightlife-bars.

11th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues

Amsterdam, Netherlands,

The 11th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues will be held in Amsterdam, 15-17 May 2019.

The conference hopes to bring together experts and stakeholders from a wide range of fields to present, meet and exchange experiences, evidence and views on the latest research, policy and practice relating to protecting and promoting health in urban night-time settings.

Healthy Nightlife Toolbox - Resources for Creating Safer Nightlife Settings

The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox (HNT) is an international initiative that focuses on the reduction of harm from alcohol and drug use among young people. The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox collects and provides information on evidence-based interventions targeted at drug and alcohol use and related problems in nightlife settings. The Healthy Nightlife Toolbox is a website designed for local, regional and national policy makers and prevention workers, to help reduce harm from alcohol and drug use in