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Structural Stigma in Health-Care Contexts for People with Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

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Livingston, James. (2020). Structural Stigma in Health-Care Contexts for People with Mental Health and Substance Use Issues: A Literature Review. 10.13140/RG.2.2.21168.17929.

This report provides a review of the research and literature relating to structural stigma in health-care contexts, including how it affects people living with mental health and substance use issues, how it is expressed in the health-care system, and how it can be reduced.

The project is supported by Mental Health Commission of Canada.


Beer Drinking and Tax Levy in Botswana

Sebeelo, T. B. (2020). Beer drinking, resistance and the politics of alcohol tax levy in Botswana. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

According to the WHO, harmful alcohol use is one of the leading risk factors for the global burden of disease.

In response to concerning trends, governments around the world have intervened in the market for alcohol by levying specific taxes.  

COVID-19 et alcool


Quelles quantités d’alcool sont bues pendant le confinement lié à la pandémie de COVID-19? Les Canadiens boivent-ils plus d’alcool qu’à l’habitude et, si oui, le font-ils plus souvent? Les présentateurs ont abordé la consommation d’alcool pendant la pandémie et ont notamment discuté des résultats de sondages commandés par le CCDUS au printemps 2020.

New Webinar Series: Implications of COVID-19 on Public Health in Canada

The pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on public health across Canada, including substance use and access to healthcare services and supports. Over the coming months, CCSA and CCDUS will be putting together a new webinar series that will explore the implications of COVID-19 on public health, highlighting work in the area of substance use and COVID-19 across sectors in Canada. The series will feature a range of perspectives from leading experts in the fields of

New Horizons 2020: Call for applications

Applications are now invited for Alcohol Change UK's New Horizons grants programme for innovative and future-facing academic research on 'Groups, Communities and Alcohol Harm'. The new grants programme will fund up to four research projects to explore topics connected to this theme. Applicants are strongly encouraged to propose projects that bring together different academic disciplines in order to bring new perspectives, theory and methodologies to the work. The New Horizons grants programme is open to