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The Global Drug Survey for 2019

The Global Drug Survey for 2019 ( GDS2019) was launched on the 29th of October. The Global Drug Survey is the largest drug survey in the world and over the years has helped increase the understanding of drug trends and the real-life harms facing people who take drugs. The GDS2019 is translated into 20 languages, with partners in over 35 countries. The Global Drug Survey for 2019 is calling for people to take part now!

Smoking and Obesity in Chile’s Third National Health Survey

Bachelet VC, Lanas F. Smoking and obesity in Chile’s Third National Health Survey: light and shade. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2018;42:e132.
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The Chilean Ministry of Health recently disclosed the first results of the 2016–2017 National Health Survey (Encuesta Nacional de Salud, ENS). The survey was cross-sectional and used a multistage stratified random sampling strategy resulting in a final sample of 6 233 persons ≥ 15 years old, with national, regional, and urban/rural representativeness.

Tobacco and Cancer: Epidemiology and New Perspectives of Prevention and Monitoring in Mexico

Reynales-Shigematsu, L. (2016). Tobacco and cancer: epidemiology and new perspectives of prevention and monitoring in Mexico. Salud Pública de México, 58(2), 251-260. Recovered from
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Tobacco smoking is a causal risk factor of at least 16 different types of cancer. In Mexico, smoking causes 6,035 premature deaths annually of lung cancer and 5,154 from other types. Additionally, 16,408 new smoking attributable cases are diagnosed, causing high costs in the Mexican health sector. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the global strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by this risk factor.