Drug Demands Revive Opium Cultivation

Opium cultivators, who were de-licensed or banned between crop year 1999 and 2017, can once again undertake opium poppy farming, subject to clearance from the Narcotics Commissioners. According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report, India alone accounted for six per cent of the world’s cannabis herb (ganja) seizures in 2016 (nearly 300 tonnes), and reported seizing even higher quantities in 2017 (353 tonnes) - a 20 per cent increase compared

Digital Marketing in the Spotlight

Amsterdam, Netherlands,

The Digital Marketing in the Spotlight conference is organised by EUCAM, EUROCARE and the Amsterdam Centre for Health Communication (ECHC) and will take place on the 19th of September in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The event will open up a conversation about the impact of digital marketing on the drinking behaviour of young people and ways it can be regulated.

13th ISSDP Conference

Paris, France,

The 13th International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP) will be held in Paris, France on 22-24 May 2019.

The scientific committee is accepting abstracts for the event.

Nordic Workshop: Who Decides the Relevance and Validity of Knowledge?

Stockholm, Sweden,

Objective: This small-scale 2-day workshop targets researchers interested in unfolding the relationship between science and policy-making in questions of public health and lifestyle regulation (concerning for example alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use; gambling; nutrition)

Perceptions and Experiences with Flavored Non-Menthol Tobacco Products

Kowitt, S.D.; Meernik, C.; Baker, H.M.; Osman, A.; Huang, L.-L.; Goldstein, A.O. Perceptions and Experiences with Flavored Non-Menthol Tobacco Products: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Studies. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14, 338.
Publication Date


Although a few countries have banned flavored cigarettes (except menthol), flavors in most tobacco products remain unregulated across the globe. We conducted a systematic review of qualitative studies examining perceptions of and experiences with flavored non-menthol tobacco products.

Elements regulatory marijuana, to consideration for the effective protection of the health of the population

Santos-Burgoa, C. (2017). Elementos regulatorios sobre la marihuana, a consideración para la efectiva protección a la salud de la población. Salud Pública de México, 59(5, sep-oct), 592-600. doi:


When discussing the public health approach to the use of marijuana, the complexity of rigorous regulatory interventions for population protection is omitted. Using the experience of governments where these practices already exist, regulation is introduced as an essential public health function, spelling out seven purposes for controlling marijuana.