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Social Work and Policing Conference


In this conference project partners in Austria, Belgium and Portugal will, first, present the curriculum for the SWaPOL training, and second, open the discussion about opportunities for similar cross-disciplinary vocational training between police and social work in Europe in the future.

2018 Drug & Alcohol Research Centre Conference

London, United Kingdom,

The role of social work in responding to problem substance use is the main theme of the 2018 Drug & Alcohol Research Centre conference. Against the background of current changes to social work structures and approaches, the conference will help participants to take stock of our engagement as a profession so far and to think about preparing for future challenges.

Young Adults’ Reasons for Dropout from Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Nordheim et al. (2018). Young adults’ reasons for dropout from residential substance use disorder treatment. Qualitative Social Work Vol 17, Issue 1, pp. 24 - 40
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Dropout from substance use disorder treatment is usually investigated and understood from a perspective of quantitative patient-related factors. Patients’ own perspectives (user perspective) are rarely reported. This study, therefore, aimed to explore patients’ own understanding of their dropout from residential substance use disorder treatment.