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Impact of an adult family member’s problematic substance use on family life

Sari Kaarina Lindeman, Kristine Berg Titlestad, Lennart Lorås & Terese Bondas (2021) An unknown invisible intrusion. Impact of an adult family member’s problematic substance use on family life: a meta-ethnography, Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, DOI: 10.1080/09687637.2021.1943316

Problematic substance use can be a significant cause of stress for family members of the person using substances. This review, published in the journal Drug: Education, Prevention and Policy, examines current research in order to explore the question 'What is the impact of an adult family member's problematic substance use for family life?'

Following a systematic search, the researchers analysed the data of 15 qualitative studies.

The Pregnancy Edit

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Society for the Study on Addiction

The Society for the Study on Addiction (SSA) Pregnancy Edit is a series of articles on alcohol-related harm in pregnancy, published on the Society for the Study of Addiction website in September 2021.

Topic covered include:

Alcohol and substance use prevention in Africa

Lucia M. Mupara, Roy Tapera, Morekwe Selemogwe-Matsetse, Johanne T. Kehumile, Lebogang Gaogane, Ellen Tsholofelo & Pretty Murambiwa (2021) Alcohol and substance use prevention in Africa: systematic scoping review, Journal of Substance Use, DOI: 10.1080/14659891.2021.1941356

Substance use continues to be a key public health concern in Africa. Despite this, there have been few reviews that have examined the current research on the subject. This study examines the existing research on the prevention of alcohol and substance use in Africa.

The specific objectives were to: 

  1. Identify drugs and substances used across Africa

Substance Misuse Treatment and the Criminal Justice System


This webinar will focus on the interconnecting policy and practice that shapes the experiences of people with drug and alcohol problems within the criminal justice system. It will be chaired by Mike Trace, Chief Executive of Forward Trust and Collective Voice Trustee.

Substance use and the workplace: Supporting employers and employees in the trades

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The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction partnered with Health Canada to produce Substance Use and the Workplace: Supporting Employers and Employees in the Trades.

This collection of resources contains links from more than 30 organisations and can be used by employers and employees to help reduce the harms of substance use for Canadians, particularly those working in construction and the trades.