National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

The National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week links students with scientists and other experts to counteract the myths about drugs and alcohol that teens get from the internet, social media, TV, movies, music, or from friends. Click here for free booklets and other resources that help you to plan, promote and host a National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week event. There are also a selection of activity ideas and toolkits that cover a range of

Substance Use and Adolescent Cognitive Development

Morin, J., Afzali, M., Bourque, J., Stewart, S., Séguin, J., O'Leary-Barrett, M., & Conrod, P. (2018). A Population-Based Analysis of the Relationship Between Substance Use and Adolescent Cognitive Development. The American Journal of Psychiatry, Appiajp201818020202.
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Both alcohol and cannabis misuse is linked with impaired mental functioning. Understanding the impact of substance use is particularly important when studying the developing brain.

E-Cigarette Use among Adolescents: An Overview of the Literature and Future Perspectives

Perikleous EP, Steiropoulos P, Paraskakis E, Constantinidis TC and Nena E (2018) E-Cigarette Use Among Adolescents: An Overview of the Literature and Future Perspectives. Front. Public Health 6:86. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2018.00086
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Background: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are rapidly emerging into a new trend among adolescents, signaling a new époque, that of vapers. E-cigarettes are battery-powered nicotine delivery devices that heat a typically flavoring liquid solution into an aerosol mist that users inhale, allowing them to imitate the act of conventional smoking.

Characteristics of and Precipitating Circumstances Surrounding Suicide among Persons Aged 10–17 Years

Annor FB, Zwald ML, Wilkinson A, et al. Characteristics of and Precipitating Circumstances Surrounding Suicide Among Persons Aged 10–17 Years — Utah, 2011–2015. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2018;67:329–332. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15585/mmwr.mm6711a4
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Suicide is a major public health problem. It is the third leading cause of death among U.S. persons aged 10–17 years. In Utah, the rate of suicide among persons aged 10–17 years has increased since 2011 and is substantially higher than the national average.

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Counselling Parents and Teens about Marijuana Use in the Era of Legalisation of Marijuana

Ryan SA, Ammerman SD, AAP COMMITTEE ON SUBSTANCE USE AND PREVENTION. (2017). Counseling Parents and Teens About Marijuana Use in the Era of Legalization of Marijuana. Pediatrics; 139(3): e20164069
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Many states have recently made significant changes to their legislation making recreational and/or medical marijuana use by adults legal. Although these laws, for the most part, have not targeted the adolescent population, they have created an environment in which marijuana increasingly is seen as acceptable, safe, and therapeutic.

Delaying Marijuana Use to Age 17 Is Better for the Teenage Brain

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The longer teenagers delay the use of marijuana, the better it is for their developing brains. However, a new study has found that there may be little adverse effect if one starts smoking the drug after the age of 17. According to the investigation recently published in the journal Development and Psychopathology, teenagers who use marijua

Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day

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Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day is a live, online chat held between teen students and scientists during a 10 hour period. During the event, thousands of students from US high schools ask questions about drugs and alcohol use, including health effects, how to help friends or family who are using substances, and what causes addiction.