Seminar Presentation: Ecological Momentary Assessment of Alcohol Use

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National Drug and Alcohol Research
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The majority of existing knowledge on patterns of alcohol consumption is based on retrospective-recall methodologies.

These are cost-efficient and convenient but are limited in their capacity to record data on the circumstances of alcohol consumption as they emerge in time and space.

Drug Trends and Drug Awareness Training

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Update your drug awareness knowledge with information on current trends in drug use including NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) with this credible and informative course. We discuss the most commonly used drugs and explore ways of working with people.

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This course aims to equip delegates with confidence in knowledge in drug trends, and practical tips when working with people who take drugs. 

Alcohol Consumption and Parenthood

Borschmann, Rohan, Denise Becker, Elizabeth Spry, George J. Youssef, Craig A. Olsson, Delyse M. Hutchinson, Edmund Silins et al. "Alcohol and parenthood: An integrative analysis of the effects of transition to parenthood in three Australasian cohorts." Drug and Alcohol Dependence 197 (2019): 326-334.
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Heavy harmful drinking remains one of the leading modifiable risk factors for disease