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“Hidden gem” from the ’70s suggests counsellors generate the outcomes they expect. An Effectiveness Bank analysis

Alcohol Health & Research World: 1977, 1, p. 16-22.
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The Effectiveness Bank has stopped routinely issuing research analyses, but we couldn’t leave this gem from the ’70s figuratively gathering dust on the shelves of the British Library. Belied by an under-stated presentation, its practice implications are profound for treatment staff supporting clients with an apparently unpromising prognosis.

Dame Carol Black's Independent Review of Drugs in England

The second part of Dame Carol Black’s Independent Review of Drugs has been published. This report is the second part of a major independent review by Professor Dame Carol Black into the misuse of illegal drugs in England. The first part of the review was commissioned by the Home Office and produced the phase one report, which looked at the challenges around drug supply and demand and was published in February 2020. Dame Carol was

Sourcing ‘what works’ evidence from 1 May

KEY MESSAGES 1. From 1 May 2021 there has been a change in how you can remain updated on UK-relevant research evaluating interventions to treat or prevent substance use problems and on the meaning and practice implications of the evidence base. 2. Drug and Alcohol Findings will no longer routinely issue updates. Supported by Findings’ co-owner Natalie Davies, this function will instead be provided free of charge by the Society for the Study of Addiction

Society for the Study of Addiction to take on research update role

From 1 May 2021 Drug and Alcohol Findings expects to end its core research update service, many aspects of which will instead become available from the Society for the Study of Addiction (http://www.addiction-ssa.org) - our co-funder and long-time supporter, and a charity with an unrivalled history and standing in the sector. To follow progress on these changes be sure to SUBSCRIBE FREE OF CHARGE TO THE SOCIETY’S WEBSITE USER MAILING LIST at https://www.addiction-ssa.org/register/website-user. With our