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Patterns of Heated Tobacco Product Use Among Czech Adult Tobacco Users in 2020: An Online Survey

| Dobrovolná, K., Kulhánek, A., & Orlíková, B. (2022). Patterns of heated tobacco product use among Czech adult tobacco users in 2020: An online survey. Adiktologie, 22(2), 94–101.
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Heated tobacco products represent a new phenomenon, called novel tobacco products, and one that is not unique to the Czech market. These are electronic tobacco heating and aerosol-producing devices. Although studies on the prevalence of heated tobacco use are already available, patterns of use have not yet been sufficiently mapped.

EU Drug Use Revealed through Wastewater Analysis

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) has released the results of their largest wastewater analysis study. The EU project analysed the wastewater around 60 European cities and towns. This has allowed researchers to identify which substances are being used and where they are being used across Europe to paint a picture of patterns of drug use across the continent. The data can also allow the researchers to estimate quantities being consumed