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Join us to celebrate International Youth Day 2022. Hear an update on the 'Listen First' initiative, with a contribution from a youth member on their experience of using Listen First resources.

DIVA-5 in Czech language

Image removed. With the help of experts in ADHD around the world, we now have DIVA-5 in 28 languages, NOW in Czech language (Michal Miovský and Lenka Šťastná)!



What is not on FACEBOOK seems to not exist. That's what we say. And because we don't want to miss anything and nothing to escape you, we decided to join the largest social network!!!


ISSUP Czech Republic Formally Launched

We are delighted to announce that ISSUP Czech Republic was formally launched on 12 November 2020. During the launch, participants were provided with an explanation of ISSUP and the benefits of being part of the ISSUP family. We are looking forward to working with fellow professionals over the coming months and years ahead.


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