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Today, SAMHSA released the latest data findings from the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Air date: July 28, 2020


Presented by Eric D. Wish, PhD Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR) University of Maryland, College Park

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El 28 de julio de 2020, el VNGOC junto con el Equipo de la Sociedad Civil de la ONUDD realizó un seminario web sobre el Informe Mundial sobre Drogas 2020 en español, con una presentación del informe de Leonardo Correa (ONUDD, Oficina Regional de Colombia) y una perspectiva de la sociedad civil so

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Recorded on March 25, 2020


The 4th annual presentation by the DEA for NDEWS on synthetic drug threats.


Presented by: Emily D. Lockhart Special Testing and Research Laboratory Drug Enforcement Administration


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Air date: October 24, 2018



Francois Lamy, Ph.D. Department of Society and Health, Mahidol University, Thailand


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4th International Conference on Governance, Security and Justice Statistics. Session: Estimating drug markets.


Moderated by Peter Reuter

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How to systematize drug statistics?


How to improve drug statistics?

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This webinar, sponsored by the Northwest ATTC and the Western States Node of the NIDA Clinical Trials Network, describes trends in the use of methamphetamine, presents evidence-based treatments (both pharmacological and behavioral) for methamphetamine use disorder, and summarizes current research

Noncommunicable Disease Progress Monitor

Noncommunicable diseases are the leading cause of premature death globally.

Every year, 41 million people die from heart attacks, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes or a mental disorder. 

Despite the concerning trends and figures, global efforts are not enough to prevent and reverse the harm.

In order to effectively reduce NCDs globally, there needs to be a clear understanding of the factors that contribute to illness and the efforts that are being made throughout the world to address the critical issues.  

In response, the WHO has developed ‘best buys’ – a set of 16 practical and cost-effective interventions that work and can be delivered at the primary level. The aim of the 'best buys is to promote health and prevent disease through introducing policies such as increasing tobacco taxes; restricting alcohol advertising; and reformulating food products with less salt, sugar and fat.

Explanatory Note

This report presents information for each country related to their achievement of the NCD progress monitoring indicators. The profiles also include information on the population, percentage and number of deaths from NCDs, and the risk of premature death from the four main NCDs (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory diseases) – the indicator used to monitor the Sustainable Development Goal target 3.4 on NCDs. The data presented in the country pages are derived from several sources, each of which is explained in the following notes.

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3ª Conferencia Internacional sobre Estadísticas de Gobernanza, Seguridad y Justicia. Sesión: Delitos difíciles de medir.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

ESPAÑOL: 3ª Conferencia Internacional sobre Estadísticas de Gobernanza, Seguridad y Justicia. Sesión: Midiendo las políticas de prevención del delito.