Alcohol Policy in Chile

Peña, S., Sierralta, P., Norambuena, P., Leyton, F., Pemjean, A., & Román, F. (2020). Alcohol policy in Chile: a systematic review of policy developments and evaluations. Addiction.

Chile has one of the highest rates of alcohol use per capita in the Americas. Policy to reduce alcohol-related harm is often up against resistance from alcohol industry, policymakers and the public.

This review, published in the Journal of Addiction, provides an analysis of enacted and proposed laws of national alcohol policies in Chile.

2020 Drugs Act of the Maldives

The Maldives Drug Act provides an overview and guidance on the prevention of use and trafficking of drugs.

The publication also provides information for people who are addicted to drugs that will support them in accessing appropriate treatment that includes safe reintegration back into the community.

Finally, the Drug Act addresses the legal implications of the misuse of drugs in the Maldives.