Jeff Lee

As Senior Consultant to ISSUP, Jeff brings a wealth of expertise and experience from Jeff Leeworking in the Drug Demand Reduction field for almost 40 years. From his initial background as a teacher, Jeff has always asserted the role of education and the need to promote personal and social skills within a health behaviour context.

Jeff’s work has included:

  • Project management, training and consultancy work and special advisory roles for governments, the EU, WHO and UNODC.
  • Training and resource development, particularly in the field of personal, social and life skills education.
  • Worked in over 80 countries to support the need to transfer research findings into practical action. He continues to offer prevention expertise to inform the international agenda and development of prevention science.

Jeff worked previously as ISSUP’s Executive Director and oversaw the establishment of ISSUP as an international NGO. Currently, his work within ISSUP focuses on developing the National Chapters, which aim to promote and support evidence-based policy and practice within the field of drug demand reduction.