Congratulations to Livia Edegger on winning the 2021 International Collaborative Prevention Research Award

It is with great pleasure that we share the news that our Deputy Director, Livia Edegger, has been awarded the 2021 International Collaborative Prevention Research Award by the Recognition and Honors Committee with nominations from the membership of the Society for Prevention Research (SPR).

The International Collaborative Prevention Research Award recognises contributions to the field of prevention science in the area of international collaboration.

The award recognises Livia's significant impact in making evidence-based interventions a reality in many communities in Latin America and in other parts of the world.

Livia started her involvement in international research prevention studies in the 2000s. She has made major contributions to increasing the capacity of many international partners to engage in prevention science through comprehensive and rigorous training programmes and by engaging in collaborative research.

She oversees the development of ISSUP National Chapters and was instrumental in the establishment and/or sustainability of National Chapters around the world.

Because prevention science research is often not part of academic research programmes, the ISSUP National Chapters play a key role in introducing prevention science and an evidence-based approaches to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. National Chapters in more than 23 countries worldwide are creating opportunities for prevention training, knowledge transfer, networking, and member engagement. Many are now also communicating the initiatives and research from their country to the rest of the world.

Her contributions are always significant and positive; they aim at overcoming challenges and advancing the scientific work to improve the lives of whole communities around the world.

Livia is an active member of SPR. She has served in the SPR International Committee and as a liaison between SPR and ISSUP. In her extensive international work, she also promotes the work of SPR and introduces colleagues from many countries to the organisation and to prevention science research.

Congratulations and thanks to SPR and its Committee for recognising the contribution that Livia has provided.