Association for Behavioral Analysis International (ABAI) Substance Use and Addiction Conference

Washington, D.C., United States,

Addictive behaviors create many significant health problems, from smoking-related diseases to the current opioid overdose epidemic. Behavior analysts have made important contributions to the understanding and treatment of addictive behaviors, and these will be showcased in this single-track, two-day conference for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in substance use issues. The invited speakers and discussants are all widely recognized leaders in their fields and will present integrative reviews of cutting-edge developments in basic, translational, and applied behavioral approaches to substance use and addiction. Topics will include delay discounting, impulsivity, reinforcement pathology, and more. A major focus will be contingency management approaches, which are highly effective in reducing problem drug-taking; new techniques and technologies that can enhance dissemination of these treatments will be featured. In addition, presentations on behaviorally grounded and effective verbal interventions (such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) will be offered. An evening poster session will allow for additional participation and interaction.

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