Finding Ambivalence and 10 Other Things About Motivational Interviewing


The greatest challenge using motivational interviewing (MI) may be finding the “true” ambivalence it’s supposed to address. This webinar is designed to assist clinicians who want to use MI effectively with clients with co-occurring disorders. By returning to the basics and exploring the areas of focus and evocation, each participant will learn when it’s appropriate to use MI. By helping the client reveal what they are conflicted about, they begin to make their own arguments for change. It is particularly effective with those presenting with co-occurring disorders since their resistance to change is often quite challenging.

Learning Objectives
  • Apply the theory and methods of motivational interviewing (MI) to the therapeutic relationship with clients with co-occurring disorders.
  • Demonstrate specific motivational interviewing skills to respond to resistance and overcome obstacles to recovery.
  • Synthesize motivational interviewing techniques with other evidence-based approaches to improve patient outcomes.