Advances in Technology in the Addiction Profession, Part V: Connection? Can an App Really Do That?


Description: An increased number of clients present with depression and anxiety, which results from - or may be caused by - social isolation and loneliness. As clinicians, the goal is to decrease symptoms and help make connections between feelings and behavior. Can an app help clinicians better help their clients? There are many different mental health and wellness apps out there – some offer “technique” approaches to reduce symptoms, others are a marketplace to help partner clients with therapists, others offer recovery support or community. The demand for mental health care has sky-rocketed in the last year and the demand on providers has, as well. Can an app provide solutions to rising cases of social isolation and loneliness AND assist clinicians with larger caseloads? To app or not to app? Too much too soon? Or not soon enough? We will explore these questions during this presentation.

Presenters: Ingrid D. Hicks, PhD, and Nikhil Zaveri

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