Webinar: Re-Imagining Children's Rights Through a Family-Centred Lens


Every child has a right to a life free from harm within a community that supports them and their family to thrive.

But does every child get to experience these rights?

Join Starlings Community and their partners at Family Advocacy Support Centre, as they recognize National Child Day in a special webinar that will inspire a society that supports children to experience their rights through a Family Centred lens.

This 90-minute webinar will utilize lived experts along with professionals working within the youth and family advocacy sector to explore how stigma affects youth whose parents have unaddressed trauma and problematic substance use, how the "child welfare" family policing system can impact families, and will ultimately empower a society that has the capacity to support EVERY child to experience their rights by applying a family centred lens.

The webinar will not be recorded.

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