The 5th Biennial National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Control Policy in Nigeria

venue to be announced, Nigeria,

CRISA are happy to announce the 5th Biennial National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Control Policy in Nigeria. You are hereby invited to present your work and participate in discussions on the drug and alcohol situation in Nigeria. Special attention will be devoted to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the availability and use of psychoactive substances and other addictive behaviours.  

Alcohol Use Among Nigerian Students

According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria ranks second on the list of African countries for heavy episodic drinking. Despite concerning figures, the picture is less clear when analysing particular populations, such as university student. In an article, published in the conversation, researchers from North-West University discuss findings from their latest research, which analyses the prevalence of alcohol use was among students and how this differed by gender, age and geographical location.