Effectiveness of a Brief Lay Counsellor-Delivered, Problem-Solving Intervention for Adolescent Mental Health Problems in Urban, Low-Income Schools in India: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Michelson, D., Malik, K., Parikh, R., Weiss, H., Doyle, A., Bhat, B., ... & Sharma, R. (2020). Effectiveness of a brief lay counsellor-delivered, problem-solving intervention for adolescent mental health problems: randomised controlled trial in urban, low-income schools in India. Lancet Child and Adolescent Health. ISSN 2352-4642 (Accepted). Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.
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Mental health problems are a leading cause of disability in adolescents worldwide. Problem solving is a well-tested mental health intervention in many populations. We aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a brief, transdiagnostic problem-solving intervention for common adolescent mental health problems when delivered by non-specialist school counsellors in New Delhi, India.

IJERPH - Special Issue "Risk Behaviors and Substance Abuse among Adolescents"

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health—IJERPH (ISSN 1660-4601, IF 2.468) is currently running a Special Issue "Risk Behaviors and Substance Abuse among Adolescents". Prof. Dr. Marta Lima-Serrano (University of Sevilla), Prof. Dr. Isotta Mac Fadden (University Pablo de Olavide, Global Center for Applied Health Research from the Arizona State University), Prof. Dr. Elena Gervilla (University of the Balearic Islands and the Balearic Islands Health Research Institute) and Prof. Dr. Alexandra Morales (Miguel


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The developmental stage of adolescence involves dramatic biologic, psychological, and behavioural changes.

It is a time where young people start to explore, seek further independence and experiment with new experiences. It is also a time where young people are particularly vulnerable to developing difficulties related to potentially risky behaviour.

Promoting Positive Adolescent Health Behaviors and Outcomes: Thriving in the 21st Century (2020)

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National Academy of Medicine
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This new consensus document from the U.S. National Academy of Medicine outlines recent research on adolescent development and makes recommendations to U.S. stakeholders for improving outcomes for adolescents. While the recommendations are mostly for a U.S. audience, the information on positive adolescent development is useful for everyone interested in prevention.

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

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Many teenagers are not aware of the risks to their health, to their success in school and the dangers while driving under the influence. When teens are given the scientific facts about drugs, they can be better prepared to make good decisions for themselves and they can share this information with others.

Cannabis Use among Adolescents: Risk Pattern, Implications and Possible Explanatory Variables

Rial, A.; Burkhart, G.; Isorna, M.; Barreiro, C.; Varela, J.; Golpe, S. Cannabis use among adolescents: Risk pattern, implications and possible explanatory variables. Adicciones 2018

According to the Spanish Survey on Drug Use in Secondary Schools (ESTUDES), cannabis remains the most used illegal substance among Spanish adolescents, with around 3 out of 10 students reporting lifetime use.