Accelerating Drug Use Prevention Systems in Drug Policy; New Initiatives

Madrid, Spain,
ISSUP Spain Flyer

ISSUP Spain cordially invites you to its webinar on Global Addiction Prevention.

16:00 CEST | 15:00 UK

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The event will be held in both Spanish and English, with interpretation available.


   1.  Introduction

ISSUP Spain: 

Bringing together three initiatives that have coincided over time to promote universal prevention in drug policies, something that is very, very aligned with the priority objective of Spain National Chapter.

   2. CHAMPS: Children Amplified Prevention Services

Wadih Maalouf presents CHAMPS,
UNODC initiative that aims to amplify the resilience of children from birth to adolescence and, in doing so, prevent drug use and other outcomes that share a similar vulnerability that children face as they grow up.

  3. 2024 Global Initiative on Drug Use Prevention “The Declaration of Oviedo”

Oriol Esculies and Natalia Zachartzi present The Oviedo declaration, promoted by civil society, advocates 10 proposals to integrate prevention into drug policies

   4. RePS: Review of Prevention Systems

Yvonne Larsen and Alexander Hvaring present Reps: The Prevention System Review is a tool created by UNODC to allow assessment of the extent to which the drug prevention system of a country or a subnational entity (for example, a municipality) is in line with the Standards with a view to identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses that allow improvement. He will explain the pilot project carried out in Norway:

   5.    Q&A

Target audience:

  • Technicians, politicians, entities and public administrations dedicated to the field of Addictions.


Wadih Maalouf,
Global coordinator on Prevention, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Austria.

Oriol Esculies,
International commissionner, Association Proyecto Hombre, Spain.

Natalia Zachartzi,
Director, SEIRIOS, Greece

Yvonne Larsen,
KORUS Oslo, Norway

Alexander Sollie Hvaring,
KORUS Oslo, Norway


Otger Ametller

Victor Blasco




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