South East Asian Fellowship Program on Drug Policy 2019

Release, the UK’s centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law, is proud to invite applications to the 2019 South East Asian Fellowship Program on Drug Policy. Fellows will be hosted at Release in London, UK. This program supports those working in sectors related to drug policy in order to increase their understanding of international drug policy reform issues, to improve their advocacy skills, and to enhance their capacity in working with the media on

Moving Thailand’s Mountain of Alcohol-Related Harm

Few low- and middle-income countries have done so much to protect their citizens from alcohol-related harms, but Thailand still faces challenges. Apiradee Treerutkuarkul reports. Today Thailand is one of the few developing countries with laws and policies aimed at preventing alcohol-related problems, such as liver disease, cancers and alcohol dependence as well as road crashes, poverty, violence and crime. Read more...