Consequences of Lockdown and the COVID-19 Pandemic for a Selected Sport – Comparative Study

Bejtkovský, J., & Snopek, P. (2021). Consequences of lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic for a selected sport – Comparative study. Adiktologie, 21 (3), 151–159.
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In December 2019, severe viral pneumonia caused by the new beta coronavirus appeared in China. It spread rapidly around the world and affected it greatly. In order to stop the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world was forced to adopt extensive social distancing and isolating policies, including lockdown. The measures also affected the sports and fitness sectors.


Preference and Behaviour Change Regarding Selected Performance-Enhancing Anabolic Androgenic Substances and Steroids in the Context of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

nopek, P., & Bejtkovský, J. (2021). Preference and behaviour change regarding selected performance-enhancing anabolic androgenic substances and steroids in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Adiktologie, 21 (3), 129–137.
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In December 2019, the Chinese government reported patients with viral pneumonia caused by a new beta coronavirus in Wuhan. In a very short time, the virus spread around the world, causing a global pandemic referred to as COVID-19. The situation escalated and states resorted to implementing strict social distancing and isolating measures.


Considerations for Virtual Services and Supports for Substance Use and Concurrent Disorders [Policy Brief]

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Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction
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The Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) in partnership with the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, the Canadian Psychological Association and Canada Health Infoway, collected national data on the experience and perceptions of virtual services and supports, including education and access to health care or treatment.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Behaviour and Preference Changes in Relation to Selected Anabolic Androgenic Substances and Steroids: A Research Study

Bejtkovský, J., & Snopek, P. (2021). Adiktologie, Advance online publication.
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BACKGROUND: In December 2019, a severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by coronavirus 2 (SARS- CoV-2 or COVID-19) broke out in China. The virus spread rapidly throughout the country and around the globe. In an effort to prevent the spread of the virus, all countries significantly limited social interaction, which also curbed all sports, social, and leisure activities.

REUNIÓN SONEPSYN - ISSUP Chile: Consumo de alcohol en estudiantes y funcionarios universitarios durante el COVID-19

Este lunes 13 de septiembre, a las 20:00 hrs. se realizará la reunión del Grupo de Trabajo de Adicciones de Sonepsyn, junto a ISSUP-Chile.

En esta oportunidad nuestras invitadas son las Dras. Francisca Román de la Universidad De la Frontera y Paola Haeger de la Universidad Católica del Norte, quienes nos presentarán el trabajo: Consumo de alcohol en estudiantes y funcionarios universitarios durante el COVID-19: resultados de un estudio longitudinal

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