We are Family - Families and their Role in Prevention and Treatment of Drug Use, Crime and Violence, Including the Prevention of Recruitment into Violent Extremist Groups

The 28th Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) is being held from 20 - 24 May 2019. On Monday, 20 May 2019 UNODC's Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation Section organized a side event on We are Family: Families and their role in prevention and treatment of drugs use, crime and violence, including the prevention of recruitment into violent extremist groups, together with Government of Sweden. More than 40 delegates attended the side event that

Better Prevention of Drug Use, Healthy and Safe Development of Children in Belarus

UNODC had the honour of facilitating a seminar for policy makers in Belarus at the request of the Ministry of Interior of the country. The event was organised with the support of the UN Resident Coordinator and the contribution of UNAIDS, UNFPA and UNICEF. More than 40 policy makers, including representatives from the Ministry of Education, Information and Health, as well as CSOs were present at the training. Participants worked together over three days to

UNODC Partnership with Lions Club to Develop Personal and Social Skills of Adolescents

The UNODC/WHO Second Update Edition of the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention http://bit.ly/2D1Qua4 identifies evidence-based education on personal and social skills as one of the effective strategies to prevent drug use and other risky behaviours in early adolescence. We also know from the work of the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance that such programmes have been found to be effective in preventing youth violence ( https://www.who.int/violenceprevention/en/ ). This is why UNODC was delighted to attend

Adfam Case Study Call: Inter-parental Conflict, Alcohol and Children

Adfam, Tavistock Relationships and OnePlusOne are working on a project aiming to reduce the impact of inter-parental conflict on children in families affected by alcohol misuse. They are looking for parents, whose partner has had issues with alcohol dependency, to share their story and talk about how this issue affected them as a couple, led to conflict and impacted on their children. This will inform the development of an online digital platform to support other

End of Life Care and Substance Use Conference


This national conference focusses on end of life care for people with problematic alcohol and drug use. It will showcase findings from a unique research project exploring end of life care and problematic substance use. This will include the voices of people with experience, families, friends, carers, the professionals who work with them, and what existing evidence tells us. 

Adfam’s Manifesto for Families: 5 Key Challenges for Supporting Families Affected by Drug and Alcohol Use

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“You don’t have to use drugs to be affected by them.”

In 2010 Adfam identified five key challenges for families that the Government should address, identified by stakeholders across England. They were:

  • Supporting families in their own right
  • Involving families in treatment
  • Monitoring effectiveness
  • Public services thinking family
  • Commissioning effectively

Families, Drugs and Alcohol - Policy and Research since 1984

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The past 30 years has seen a huge amount of change in the policy, practice and politics around both families and drug/alcohol (‘substance’) use. Laws, behaviours and public perceptions have all altered substantially. As part of Adfam’s 30th birthday celebrations this document tracks the policy focus on the families of drug and alcohol users since 1984 – the year Adfam was founded.