Drug and Alcohol Findings Focus on Women

Drug and Alcohol Findings bridges the divide between research on the effectiveness of responses to drug and alcohol problems and the practitioners who provide those interventions. The Drug and Alcohol Finding Focus on Women aims to explore...

Women and gender issues related to drugs

EMCDDA has developed a variety of resources on women and drug use including publications, data, news, events and reports. You can also access the best practice portal, which provides an overview of the European picture and options to tailor...

Sex and Gender Effects in Recovery From Alcohol Use Disorder

Scientific article
The current article provides a summary of biopsychosocial gender differences in alcohol use disorder (AUD), then reviews existing literature on gender differences in treatment access, retention, outcomes, and longer-term recovery. Among...

8th European Alcohol Policy Conference Report

SHAAP and Eurocare have published a summary report covering the discussions that took place during the 8th European Alcohol Policy Conference (8EAPC) at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Scotland, on 20th and 21st November 2018...

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