Marketing of Heated Tobacco Products in the Czech Republic - The Role of Social Media

Hejlová, D., Schneiderová, S., Klabíková Rábová, T., Kulhánek, A. (2019). Analysis of Presumed IQOS Influencer Marketing on Instagram in the Czech Republic in 2018–2019. Adiktologie, 19(1), 7–15.

Over the years, there has been a global decline in tobacco consumption, and countries have made significant progress in developing evidence-based and cost-effective tobacco control measures. As a result, tobacco industries have had to develop new products and be creative in the way they market their merchandise.

Motor Racing, Tobacco Company Sponsorship, Barcodes and Alibi Marketing

Grant-Braham B, Britton J Motor racing, tobacco company sponsorship, barcodes and alibi marketing Tobacco Control 2012;21:529-535.
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Background: Sponsorship of Formula One (F1) motor racing, which has been used as an indirect medium of tobacco advertising for several decades, was prohibited by the 2005 European Union Tobacco Advertising Directive. Most F1 tobacco sponsorship of motor racing in the EU has since ceased, with the exception of the Scuderia Ferrari team, which continues to be funded by Philip Morris.

Gender and Alcohol Infographics

Created by
Glasgow Caledonian University, Strathclyde University, SHAAP and Glasgow Centre for Population Health
Based on recent research, Glasgow Caledonian University, Strathclyde University, SHAAP and Glasgow Centre for Population Health, have produced infographics to tackle stereotypes about men, women and drinking in Scotland.

Digital Marketing in the Spotlight

Amsterdam, Netherlands,

The Digital Marketing in the Spotlight conference is organised by EUCAM, EUROCARE and the Amsterdam Centre for Health Communication (ECHC) and will take place on the 19th of September in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The event will open up a conversation about the impact of digital marketing on the drinking behaviour of young people and ways it can be regulated.

The Link between the Marketing of Opioid Products with Mortality from Opioid-Related Overdoses

Hadland, Scott E., Ariadne Rivera-Aguirre, Brandon DL Marshall, and Magdalena Cerdá. "Association of Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing of Opioid Products With Mortality From Opioid-Related Overdoses." JAMA network open 2, no. 1 (2019): e186007-e186007.
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Prescription opioids are involved in 40% of all deaths from opioid overdose in the United States and are often the first opioids encountered by individuals with opioid use disorder.