Alcohol Focus Scotland and Alcohol Marketing Expert Network Report Launch


Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Alcohol Marketing Expert Network invite you to join them for the launch of their new report.

About this event

Join Alcohol Focus Scotland and the Alcohol Marketing Expert Network for the online launch of their new report.

Exposure to alcohol marketing causes consumption. It encourages positive attitudes towards alcohol, influences our drinking behaviour and creates a culture where regular alcohol consumption is considered normal and desirable. At the same time, alcohol causes more than 200 diseases and conditions, and someone loses their life to alcohol somewhere in the world every ten seconds.

This new report presents evidence of the impact of alcohol marketing on people with (or at risk of) an alcohol problem, children and young people, and the general population.

Drawing on international experiences from countries who already have restrictions, the Network makes recommendations for how countries can best regulate alcohol marketing, as well as how these can apply in Scotland. The Network’s recommendations cover action across the full ‘marketing mix’ including promotion and advertising, product packaging, the retail environment and pricing.

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