Moving Beyond 'People First' Language- A Glossary of Contested Terms in Substance Use

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Scottish Drugs Forum

Language is powerful in shaping view and opinions about groups of people.

By changing the way we discuss substance use issues, we can start to reverse harmful stereotypes about addiction.

Drug use is heavily stigmastised. People who use drugs, and often those around them, can internalise this stigma.

8 Tips on How to Write About Alcohol Consumption Responsibly

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Journalist's Resource

The media has a major role in influencing people's drinking behaviour.

Despite clear evidence linking harmful alcohol consumption with increased risk of health problems such as cancer, liver disease, and violence-related injuries, we are continuously fed advertisements promoting alcohol products and glorifying alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol Awareness Week

Awareness Campaign,

Alcohol Awareness Week is an opportunity for charities, local authorities, GP surgeries, businesses and more to think and talk about alcohol harm with their communities.

To help you run Alcohol Awareness Week in your community, Alcohol Change UK have put together free digital resources: