National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission

Video and audio recordings
In this presentation, Gerry Schmidt and Diane Sevening present on the United States model of accrediting addiction studies programs. They cover the criteria for accreditation at various degree levels and the process used to assess a...

The American Society of Addiction Medicine Standards of Care

This document is a useful resource for physicians that manage care services of patients with drug use disorders and its related consequences. It is intended to support quality improvement activities conducted by health care provider systems...

Mentor Launches Quality Mark for Alcohol and Drugs Education

Mentor UK, an organisation focused on drug prevention and education, have launched a Quality Mark for alcohol and drugs education. The quality mark has been developed in addition to a set of developmental quality standards for schools and...
Mentor UK

The International Model of Alcohol Harms and Policies

The Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria have released The International Model of Alcohol Harms and Policies. Comprising of a set of guidelines, methods, and tools this resource was produced with the...

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