Webinar I: The Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health and Substance Use

Jakarta, Indonesia,

ISSUP Indonesia and ISSUP India would like to invite you to the first event in their Webinar Series on the Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health and Substance Use.

Time: 8AM UK | 1:30PM India | 3PM Indonesia

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India has experienced a severe COVID-19 outbreak, that took the lives of 431,674 people with 32,225,159 cases (by August 15, 2021). Indonesia is also a major epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the World, with 3,854,354 cases (by August 15, 2021). COVID-19 has significant negative implications for mental health and well-being. This leads to increased level of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The pandemic has also increased alcohol consumption, and substance use (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2770975) and an increase in domestic violence. 

The webinars would like to highlight the possible reasons of these developments and bring professional and public attention to these important matters. They aim to stress the importance to acknowledge these conditions, and to seek, and find, and receive professional healthcare and support.

The following themes will be covered in the First Webinar in the Series, hosted by ISSUP Indonesia;

Arun Kandasamy           

'Influence of quarantine restrictions on mental health and substance use'
Arun Kandasamy, MD,
Additional Professor of Psychiatry, Consultant under Centre for Addiction Medicine,
National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)

Kristiana Siste


'COVID-19 and risk factors for depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, post-      traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions'
Kristiana Siste, Ph.D, 
Head of Psychiatry Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia

Elvina Suhusilawane  

'Stigma and COVID-19'
Elvina Katerin Sahusilawane,
Psychiatrist at Rehabilitation Center Lido, National Narcotics Board Republic of    Indonesia


Eva Suryani


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