Prevention and care of substance overdoses

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan,
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ISSUP Kazakhstan invites you to take part in the upcoming webinar on the topic: 'Prevention and care of overdoses of psychoactive substances'.

Time: 10.00 a.m. London/3 p.m. Nur-Sultan

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The widespread use of drugs, as well as the use of the Internet to distribute them, is becoming a global problem. According to the latest UN data, 483 new psychoactive substances have been registered in the world, of which about 60 are on the territory of Kazakhstan and neighboring states of the region. In general, in Kazakhstan, from 150 to 200 cases of persons with signs of poisoning and drug overdose are received annually in the departments for the treatment of drug addiction. Our webinar focuses on this issue and covers the clinical aspects of substance overdose.

Learning outcomes:

Expanding knowledge about overdoses of various psychoactive substances, drawing attention to the importance of recognizing clinical symptoms of overdoses, providing timely emergency care


Dr. Vyacheslav Kushakov, Founder and Senior Advisor, Public Health Alliance


Prevention and assistance in case of overdoses of psychoactive substances: General overview and experience of Ukraine.

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