Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) Coordinators Series


Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) Coordinators Series

The UPC Coordinators Series provides a 288-hour training programme for prevention coordinators, managers, and students/trainees whose role includes, or will include coordination and supervision of the implementation of prevention interventions and/or policies. The content is organised within the following nine courses:

Course 1: Introduction to Prevention Science

Course 2: Physiology and Pharmacology for Prevention Specialists

Course 3: Monitoring and Evaluation of Prevention Interventions and Policies

Course 4: Family-based Prevention Interventions

Course 5: School-based Prevention Interventions

Course 6: Workplace-based Prevention Interventions

Course 7: Environment-based Prevention Interventions

Course 8: Media-based Prevention Interventions

Course 9: Community-based Prevention Implementation Systems