EPPIC - Exchanging Prevention Practices on Polydrug Use among Youth In Criminal Justice Systems: A ‘Solutions Focused’ Workshop

Edinburgh, United Kingdom,

The workshop is part of a project funded by the Health Programme of the EU and is run in collaboration with partners in the UK (Middlesex University, Health Opportunities Team, Change Grow Live), Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Poland. 

The research aims to identify good practice in the development and delivery of interventions to address problem drug use among young (15-24) people in touch with the criminal justice system and stimulate knowledge exchange between practitioners, policy makers, young people and other relevant stakeholders.

The aims of the workshop are to provide feedback on key issues emerging from the first stages of the research, based on interviews with young people and practitioners and to discuss views and experiences of providing positive, effective responses to the challenges of delivering interventions based on ‘good practice’ principles.

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