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Adfam Survey: How has Covid-19 impacted families affected by substance use internationally?

The Policy and Communications team at Adfam have asked us to relay this call-out to ISSUP members and the international DDR community... Adfam is a UK-based charity that improves life for families affected by someone else’s substance use. We’ve heard through our frontline projects, findings from an online survey, activity on our online family forum and statements from partner organisations that Covid-19 is resulting in a number of additional challenges for families in the UK

Overlapping Issues: Domestic & Sexual Violence, Mental Health, Trauma & Substance Use


Many persons with substance use disorders have multiple vulnerabilities. Professionals must know the correlations, implications, and ramifications of these intersections. Clients have often experienced traumas, including domestic violence or sexual assault. Survivors of these crimes also experience trauma reactions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Some have pre-existing conditions, while others develop them as a result of the traumas.