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‘It’s everywhere’ – alcohol’s public face and private harm

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Alcohol Health Alliance UK

The Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) is supporting the Commission on Alcohol Harm: An Inquiry into the Effects of Alcohol on Society.

The Commission was established to examine the current evidence on alcohol harm, recent trends in alcohol harm and the changes needed to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. 

Men and Alcohol: Seminar Series IV

Edinburgh, United Kingdom,

Men & Alcohol: what's next? This is the fourth and final event in the 'Men & Alcohol' seminar series co-hosted by SHAAP and the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS). An expert panel will discuss the following questions:

  • How will men be affected by alcohol in the future?
  • How can alcohol-related harms to men be prevented or reduced?

Alcohol Use: The Role of Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Drinking to Cope

Dyer, M. L., Heron, J., Hickman, M., & Munafò, M. R. (2019). Alcohol use in late adolescence and early adulthood: The role of generalized anxiety disorder and drinking to cope motives. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 107480.
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Adolescent alcohol dependence and anxiety frequently co-occur, leading researchers to examine the link between these two disorders.

Alcohol Before 18. What's the Harm - A Guide for Parents

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Talking about alcohol with your children can be a complicated and sensitive topic to navigate.

Young people are absorbing information about alcohol from a range of sources within their environment.

Friends, teachers, and family can shape how a young person views drinking.

As parents, you have more influence than you think. You can help your children to avoid alcohol harms by:

Drinking in Pregnancy: Lasting Effects of Low-level Alcohol Use?

Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (TARG)
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It is generally known and accepted that heavy drinking during pregnancy can have harmful effects on the development of the unborn child. What is less well understood, and is causing uncertainty amongst the public, is the impact of low-level alcohol use during pregnancy.

Alcohol and Older People

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The Swedish Society of Medicine, Swedish Society of Nursing and IOGT-NTO
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The Swedish Society of Medicine, the Swedish Society of Nursing and IOGT-NTO have come together to produce a report on the elderly’s increased sensitivity to the effects of alcohol which, may increase the risk of disease and accidents, even at relatively low consumption levels.

Alcohol Consumption and Parenthood

Borschmann, Rohan, Denise Becker, Elizabeth Spry, George J. Youssef, Craig A. Olsson, Delyse M. Hutchinson, Edmund Silins et al. "Alcohol and parenthood: An integrative analysis of the effects of transition to parenthood in three Australasian cohorts." Drug and Alcohol Dependence 197 (2019): 326-334.
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Heavy harmful drinking remains one of the leading modifiable risk factors for disease