Nicotine and the Developing Brain: A FENS-sponsored SRNT-E Mini-conference


During adolescence, the brain regions such as prefrontal cortex necessary for cognitive and executive function, working memory, motivated behaviour and emotional regulation are being reorganized. Cholinergic system and cholinergic nicotinic receptors are important role players in this maturation process of the brain from adolescence to adulthood.

Developmental Nicotine Exposure Engenders Intergenerational Downregulation and Aberrant Posttranslational Modification of Cardinal Epigenetic Factors in the Frontal Cortices, Striata, and Hippocampi of Adolescent Mice

Buck, J.M., O’Neill, H.C. & Stitzel, J.A. Developmental nicotine exposure engenders intergenerational downregulation and aberrant posttranslational modification of cardinal epigenetic factors in the frontal cortices, striata, and hippocampi of adolescent mice. Epigenetics & Chromatin 13, 13 (2020).
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Maternal smoking of traditional or electronic cigarettes during pregnancy, which constitutes developmental nicotine exposure (DNE), heightens the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD, autism, and schizophrenia in children.

Nicotine & Tobacco: Current Issues, Policy & Practice


This is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module and Knowledge Exchange Workshop currently hosted by the University of Stirling on behalf of SPECTRUM. It is convened by Dr Allison Ford and has been successfully delivered for over ten years at various of our partner Universities throughout the UK.

Combined Effects of Marijuana and Nicotine on Memory Performance and Hippocampal Volume

Filbey, F. M., McQueeny, T., Kadamangudi, S., Bice, C., & Ketcherside, A. (2015). Combined effects of marijuana and nicotine on memory performance and hippocampal volume. Behavioural brain research, 293, 46-53.
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  • Examined drug effects of tobacco, marijuana and combined marijuana + nicotine use.
  • Hippocampal volumes were smaller in marijuana users (with or without nicotine).
  • Abnormal brain-behavior relationships in combined marijuana + nicotineusers.


Combined use of marijuana (MJ) and tobacco is h

Webinar: Living in a Cloud - Adolescent Nicotine Use


Though adolescent cigarette smoking rates have decreased over the past four decades with fewer than 1 in 25 teens reporting daily tobacco use, e-cigarette use has increased two-fold. There are still lower rates of adolescent nicotine use overall, but a potentially dangerous trend has emerged with the increased use of vaping.