Jamaica to update national drug policy

From the Jamaica Observer, Monday 20th June, 2022 KINGSTON, Jamaica — National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, says the Government is taking the necessary steps to implement an updated National Policy and Plan of Action for Drug Control. “This updated National Drug Plan will provide the framework for all counter drug activities. These include institutional strengthening, demand and supply reduction, international cooperation and overall control measures,” Chang outlined. He was speaking at the recent two-day

Module Zero of the Universal Curriculum

Created by
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), U.S. Department of State
Publication Date

This 19-minute video introduction to the Universal Curriculum series will be introduced at the beginning of future online courses.  The slides will be included in the forthcoming manual editions of the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC), Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and Universal Recovery Curriculum (URC).  The module will also be included in future face-to-face trainings.

Standardized Indicators for National Drug Information Networks in the Caribbean

Created by
Inter-American Observatory on Drugs (OID)

This guide, developed by and for persons working in member states of the Caribbean, presents a model set of indicators to countries desiring to standardize the way that they organize, collect, and report drug-related information for their DINs. The guide has a systematic layout and begins with an explanation of what a DIN is and provides some examples of DINs from various parts of the world.

Meeting of CICAD/OAS Demand Reduction Expert Group

Miami, United States,

The meeting will provide a forum for reflection around the review and analysis on the development of public health policies with an emphasis on demand reduction and the training strategy for professionals in the national healthcare systems within the hemisphere.

When: March 7 and 8, 2017

Evaluation Report on Drug Control for the Sixth Evaluation Round of the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM)

Published by
Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) - Organization of American States (OAS)

The Evaluation Report on Drug Control (2014) for the Sixth Evaluation Round of the Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) measures the progress of actions taken by the 34 OAS (Organization of American States) member states to address the drug problem and other related offenses. The sixth round focused on a set of 27 standard recommendations derived from the Plan of Action, 2011-2015, of the 2010 CICAD Hemispheric Drug Strategy.

The Drug Problem in the Americas: Drugs and Public Health

Published by
Organization of American States (OAS)
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Summary and Findings

Most people do not use illicit drugs and among those who try them, only a fraction will develop patterns of dependence. Still, drug use constitutes a serious health problem for many people in the Americas. Early age of first use is associated with higher risk of dependence and problems. One of the greatest challenges is delaying or preventing use by young people.