Module Zero of the Universal Curriculum

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Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), U.S. Department of State
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This 19-minute video introduction to the Universal Curriculum series will be introduced at the beginning of future online courses.  The slides will be included in the forthcoming manual editions of the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC), Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and Universal Recovery Curriculum (URC).  The module will also be included in future face-to-face trainings.

Reunião do ICUDDR – Consórcio Internacional de Universidades com representantes de Universidades e do Governo Brasileiro

O Freemind, entidade anfitriã da ISSUP no Brasil, durante o 6º Congresso Internacional Freemind, reuniu participantes de várias universidades brasileiras e representantes do Governo Federal para apresentar o Consórcio Internacional de Universidades para a Redução da Demanda de Drogas – ICUDDR, que faz parte da ISSUP Global e é muito importante para que se possa incentivar a pesquisa dentro das Universidades nesta área de drogadição.

William White Scholarship

The William White Scholarship was created to promote student addiction studies research and develop the importance of student research projects in NASAC accredited programs, NAADAC approved programs in higher education, or an accredited addiction studies higher education program acknowledged by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) that provides research or education to the addiction profession. It will be awarded annually to one graduate NAADAC student member and one undergraduate NAADAC student member with the best student

Promoting Use of Evidence Based Practice: A Webinar

Webinar, United States,

Practice-driven Conceptual and Organizational Framework for Promoting the Adoption and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices


Presenter: Laurie Krom, Director Network Coordinating Office Technology Transfer Centers

UNODC Nigeria launches DrugHelpNet: A Network of Nigerian Health Professionals to Provide over-the-phone Assistance to Drug Users in Need

Based on the 2019 Drug Use Survey in Nigeria, UNODC estimates that there are more than three million Nigerians living with some of a drug use disorder. Government imposed lockdowns, implemented across most Nigerian States, weigh particularly heavy on people with drug use disorders. While access to drugs has become more difficult, the same challenges apply to accessing treatment and counselling services. The self-imposed isolation can indeed be burdensome for those suffering from drug use

Interdependence of Risk and Protective Factors on Early Initiation of Substance Use

Trujillo, C. A., Obando, D., & Trujillo, A. (2019). An examination of the association between early initiation of substance use and interrelated multilevel risk and protective factors among adolescents. PLoS ONE 14(12).
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The most important predictor for SUD later in life is early initiation of substance use during adolescence, thus prevention programs must target youth in delaying the onset of age of initiation. However, the interaction between both risk and protective factors on early initiation of substance use is not well studied.