Impact of Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol Purchases in Scotland and Wales

Anderson, P., O'Donnell, A., Kaner, E., Llopis, E. J., Manthey, J., & Rehm, J. (2021). Impact of minimum unit pricing on alcohol purchases in Scotland and Wales: controlled interrupted time series analyses. The Lancet Public Health.
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In an attempt to reduce consumption of alcohol and the harm it causes, Scotland and Wales introduced minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol purchases. 

Minimum unit price (MUP) is a pricing policy that sets a strength-based threshold price for alcohol products, below which they cannot be legally sold.

Family Support is for Men Too

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Alcohol and drug use affects the whole family, but less than 30% of people who come to Scottish Families for support for themselves are men. Talking about a problem is the first step to getting help but it can be hard to know who or what to ask when facing substance use in your family.

The Youth in Iceland Model (YiIM) in Scotland

The Youth in Iceland Model (YiIM, also known as ‘Planet Youth’) is a community-based approach aiming to prevent young people’s substance use through reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. A new team, based in Dundee, Scotland, aim to review the scientific evidence, including that gained first-hand, for YiIM’s applicability to Dundee, gain an in-depth understanding of how the model could be implemented/adapted locally, and make recommendations. Here, you can find information and resources about

Who Cares if They Die? They're Only Junkies.

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The number of drug-related deaths in the past year will soon be published. Catriona Matheson, Chair of the Drug Deaths Taskforce (DDTF), has suggested that the number of deaths of in 2019 will be higher than the unacceptable level of 2018.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD): everybody's business

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This presentation covered the cultural context of alcohol use in pregnancy in Scotland, the variety of effects that FASD can have for individuals and the implications of FASD in an everyday context, as well as the difficulties of making a diagnosis and the absence of adult pathways for this diagnosis.

Dr Shields and Dr Brown both stressed the importance of raising awareness about FASD as a preventative measure.

Smoke-free Home Intervention in Scotland

Turner, S., Mackay, D., Dick, S., Semple, S., & Pell, J. P. (2020). Associations between a smoke-free homes intervention and childhood admissions to hospital in Scotland: an interrupted time-series analysis of whole-population data. The Lancet Public Health, 5(9), e493-e500.

When an individual smokes a cigarette (or roll-up, pipe or cigar), most of the smoke doesn't go into their lungs, it goes into the air around them where anyone nearby can breathe it in. This is known as second-hand smoke.

Infants and children are particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of smoke.

Evaluating the Impact of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) on Sales-Based Consumption in Scotland

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NHS Scotland

The rise in alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harms in the UK in recent decades has gone hand in hand with the increasing affordability of alcoholic beverages. 

Minimum Unit Pricing (setting a minimum price below which a unit of alcohol cannot legally be sold) was approved by the Scottish Parliament in 2012.