UNODC world drug reports

World Drug Day and World Drug Report Launch 2018

The 2018 theme of the United Nation's Office on Drugs and Crime was "Listen First" which you can read more about on their website here. The website is available in multiple language formats. A series of fact sheets for policy makers with individual sheets targeting parents, teachers and prevention workers are available. The 26th June also saw the release of the World Drug Report 2018. The report is split into 5 different booklets, the first

Certification of Addiction Professionals in Africa: An Overview of the Process in Kenya

Gakunju KCAC III, R.M. & Murimi KCAC III, G., (2015). Certification of addiction professionals in Africa: an overview of the process in Kenya. International Journal of Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders. 1(3-4), pp.153–163. DOI:
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