Building resilience in survivors of sexual exploitation: The role of children in activities implemented by NGOs in Uganda

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Children are increasingly affected by sexual exploitation (SEC), and the subsequent hardships arising out threaten their lives. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of trauma or other significant sources of stress. Past literature discusses various child participatory methods but has not explored the voices and role of children as agents of change among their peers to yield adaptation and resilience. The study aimed to examine the role children play in their successful recovery and that of other child survivors. This study adopted descriptive research design, using qualitative methods to collect data from NGO staff and child survivors. NGOs adopted different levels of survivor participation from various NGO rehabilitation centres. There was evidence of survivors’ involvement and strength. Survivors’ participation as a complementary strategy in building resilience among survivors should be promoted by NGOs. Staff need to be trained to work with survivors to improve resilience of survivors of SEC.