Drug and Alcohol Related Mortality - Looking Beyond the Statistics


About this Event

In October the Office for National Statistics published the latest statistics for drug-related deaths in 2019, showing – yet again – a record year in almost a decade of increasing deaths and an appalling picture of human loss and suffering. 

People who have drug or alcohol problems face disproportionate health inequalities, frailty, and premature morbidity in general. Highly vulnerable people too often fall through cracks in healthcare provision which don’t address the full complexity of an individual’s overall health needs.

And when someone does die, are the systems of care around that person sufficiently able to review and learn from the circumstances around the death or give the necessary time and space for the people connected to the individuals – friends, family and workers – to process what has happened?

Through presentations and panel discussions, this webinar will:

  • Shine a light beyond drug poisonings to try to illuminate a wider picture of risk and mortality
  • Highlight system responses to mortality from across substance misuse and wider fields to explore how systems are better equipped to learn and evolve