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Hambatan untuk mendukung orang-orang yang mengalami masalah penggunaan zat dan tunawisma: Daftar bacaan

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Webinar kedua dalam seri kami tentang tunawisma dan penggunaan zat disajikan oleh Dr Hannah Carver yang berfokus pada berbagai hambatan yang dialami orang ketika mencoba mengakses dukungan dan basis bukti untuk intervensi yang berbeda untuk mengatasi hambatan ini. Di sini, adalah kumpulan artikel tentang masalah ini.

Prevention in the workplace: Reading List

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Substance use can affect workers of all ages; therefore, the workplace may play a vital role in preventing substance abuse throughout their careers. In fact, the workplace has a potential role in promoting the prevention and reducing the substance related problems. In addition, it is important that substance use related challenges should be recognized as health issues at work, treated as any other health issue, and covered by health-care organizations.

Stigma Reading List

Stigma is a complex construct that is present within societies at different levels. The impact of stigma can severely damage individuals and communities. People who use substances are often on the receiving end of stigmatising attitudes and discrimination from different sources ranging from the general public to healthcare professionals and politicians.

Substance Use Among Older Adults Reading List

Around the world, people are living longer, meaning the global population of older adults is increasing.

Older adults are often dealing with multiple health difficulties and are particularly vulnerable to the impact of substance use. There needs to be greater understanding about the reasons why older adults use substances, the potential consequences and the way professionals can work with people to reduce the risk of harm.