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A Case study of the treatment of methamphetamine use disorder amongst medical students in Abia State, Nigeria - Chiamaka R. Nwaoru, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Chiamaka R. Nwaoru
Alcohol Use Among In-School Youth in Uganda - Lubega Andrew, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Lubega Andrew
An International Nursing Panel on the Role of Nurses Related to Addictions/Substance Use Disorders - Dana Murphy-Parker- MS, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, FIAAN;Adam Searby, RN, PhD;Adrian Jugdoyal, PG Dip, PGCAP, BSc (Ho…P, TCH, FHEA); Divane de, Day 4, 13:30-15:00 Dana Murphy-Parker- MS, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, FIAAN;Adam Searby, RN, PhD;Adrian Jugdoyal, PG Dip, PGCAP, BSc (Ho…P, TCH, FHEA); Divane de Vargas Ph.D. MsN BsN FIAAN;Kelly Kokus,DNP, NP-PHC, FNP-BC, MScN, BScN (Hons);Paulo Seabra - PhD, MHRN
Assessing the Life Skills Of Street Children Who Use Substances in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria - Asu Obasse Benedict, Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Asu Obasse Benedict
ATI - Alternatives to Incarceration Systems:  Treatment Interventions for Persons with Substance Use Disorders Who are in Contact with the Criminal Justice System, Day 2, Track 3, 09:00-10:30 Melody Heaps, Dr. Roger H. Peters, Anja Busse, Her Honour Ms. Jacqueline Wilcott, Prof. Jallal Toufiq
ATI - Alternatives to Incarceration Systems:  Treatment Interventions for Persons with Substance Use Disorders Who are in Contact with the Criminal Justice System, Day 2, Track 3, 11:00-12:30 Charlotte Sisson, Dr. Mariano Montenegro, Grace Froese, Terrence D. Walton, Elisa Rubini, Igor Koutsenok, MD, Dr. Nick C. Mellos
ATI - Alternatives to Incarceration Systems:  Treatment Interventions for Persons with Substance Use Disorders Who are in Contact with the Criminal Justice System, Day 2, Track 3, 14:00-15:30 Antonio Lomba, Jac A. Charlier, MPA, Joanne Capozzi, Yusuf Shikanda, Deokie Sintra Maharaj, General Agus Irianto, SH, MH, M.Si, Ph.D
Avances y desafíos de la reforma de salud mental: implementación de nuevas políticas para la atención de personas que consumen sustancias psicoactivas en el contexto de la Covid-19 en el Perú - Dr Yuri Cutipé Cárdenas, Day 4, 17:30-18:04 Dr Yuri Cutipé Cárdenas
Bridging the gap between professionals working with problematic substance use and intimate partner violence: The MARISSA Project - Gudrun Sif Fridriksdottir, Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Gudrun Sif Fridriksdottir
CGU's Media Prevention, Day 1, Track 1, 15:30 - 17:00 Fan Yang, Juliana Mejia Trujillo, Nam Cao Hoang, Paulo Martelli
Characterization of family violence of substance user patients (presented at CIJ in 2020) - Dr Carmen Fernández Cáceres , Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Dr Carmen Fernández Cáceres
Closing Ceremony, Day 3, Track1, 15:30-17:30 James Walsh, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary: Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, U.S Department of State , Ms Jimena Kalawski, Chief of the Demand Reduction Unit of CICAD, Mrs Cisse Mariama Mohamed, Department of Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development African Union Commission, Dr. Benjamin Reyes - Secretary General, Colombo Plan, Melody Heaps (Chairperson - ISSUP), H.E. Dr. Hamad Al Ghafri
Community Prevention, Day 3, Track 1, 11:00-12:30 Dr. Fernando Salazar Silva, Dr. Harrieth Ndumwa, Obot Bassey
Connections are Key: Unlocking the heart of relationship based practice - Rowan Anderson, Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Rowan Anderson
Ел есебі - Алжир, 6 күн, 19:37-21:31 Prof. Mohamed CHAKALI
Country Report - Argentina, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Fabian Chioso
Country Report - Australia, Day 7, 15:30-15:46 Professor Michael Farrell
Country Report - Bangladesh, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Md. Abdus Sabur Mondal PAA
Country Report - Belize, Day 4. 19:40-23:33 Errol Robert Longsworth
Country Report - Botswana, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Ms Nellie W. Mafa
Country Report - Cabo Verde, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Fernanda Marques and Eloisa Évora Borges
Country Report - Cameroon, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Djatche Miafo Joël
Country Report - Canada, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Grace Froese
Country Report - Chad, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dr Adyl Bechir
Country Report - Colombia, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Camilo Andres Rojas
Country Report - Costa Rica, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Marcela Ortiz
Country Report - Czech Republic, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Barbora Povysilova
Country Report - Ecuador, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Ignacia Páez
Country Report - Egypt, Day 6, 19:37-21:31 Walid Hassan
Country Report - Ethiopia, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dereje Assefa
Country Report - Georgia, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Ada Beselia
Country Report - Ghana, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Sylvester E. N. Koomson
Country Report - Grenada, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Dr. Damian Eisenghower Greaves
Country Report - Guatemala, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Fredy Anzueto
Country Report - Guinea-Bissau, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Jerónimo Henrique Té
Country Report - Guyana, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Curt Richards
Country Report - India, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Francis Moothedan
Country Report - Indonesia, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Achmad Djatmiko
Country Report - Italy, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Rachele Donini
Country Report - Kazakhstan, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Anna Blyum, MS
Country Report - Kenya, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dr Yvonne Olando
Country Report - Kyrgyzstan, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Republican Psyhiatry and Narcology Center
Country Report - Lebanon, Day 6, 19:37-21:31 Pascale Tannoury
Country Report - Lesotho, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Moelo Ramahlele
Country Report - Liberia, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dr Augustus Garlet QUIAH
Country Report - Madagascar, Day 5, 19:39-00:01 RAHARIVELO Adeline
Country Report - Malawi, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dr. Michael Udedi
Country Report - Malaysia, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Norkumala Abdul
Country Report - Mexico, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Mariana Azcárraga Quiza
Country Report - Moldova, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Eugeniu Cotelea
Country Report - Morocco 2, Day 7, 18:13-18:35 Prof. Maria Sabir
Country Report - Morocco, Day 6, 19:37-21:31 Prof. Jallal Toufic
Country Report - Mozambique, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dirceu Mabunda
Country Report - Namibia, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Geraldine Kanyinga
Country Report - Niger, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Dr Yamien Ibrahim
Country Report - Nigeria, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Ngozi Anthonia Madubuike Ph.D
Country Report - Pakistan, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Asia Ashraf
Country Report - Panama, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Conapredes
Country Report - Philippines, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Teresita C. Castillo, RPsy, ICAP II, ICAP-RS, CGAC
Country Report - Senegal, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Jean Augustin Diegane TINE
Country Report - Seychelles, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Dr. Winnie Low-Wah
Country Report - Sierra Leone, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Abdul Sheku Kargbo
Country Report - Singapore, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Mr Sng Chern Hong
Country Report - Slovakia, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Adam Kurilla
Country Report - Slovenia, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Matej Košir
Country Report - South Africa, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Prof Nadine Harker
Country Report - Sri Lanka, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Dr.(Mrs.) P.N. Amarabandu
Country Report - Sudan, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Rawand Azeem
Country Report - Suriname, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Drusilla Blinker
Country Report - Thailand, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Supodjanee Chutidamrong
Country Report - The Gambia, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Nfally Daffeh
Country Report - Trinidad and Tobago, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 Lyra Thompson
Country Report - Tunisia, Day 6, 19:37-21:31 Hajer Aounallah-Skhiri
Country Report - Turkey, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Rabia Bilici
Country Report - Uganda, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Hafsa Lukwata
Country Report - Ukraine, Day 4, 05:08-07:26 Yuliia Yachnik
Country Report - United Arab Emirates, Day 2, 07:38-07:55 Balqees Gaber
Country Report - United States of America, Day 1, 17:30-17:50 Dr. Rahul Gupta, MD, MPH, MBA, FACP, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
Country Report - Uruguay, Day 4, 19:40-23:33 National Drug Council from Uruguay
Country Report - Vietnam, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Le Minh Giang
Country Report - Zambia, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Dr. Isaac Masiye
Country Report - Zimbabwe, Day 6, 03:17-06:36 Fabian Musoro
Country Report -Bhutan, Day 5, 04:20-08:23 Nima Damdul
Country Report -Eritrea, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Michael Ghirmai HAILE
Country Report -Eswatini, Day 5, 19:30-00:01 Dr Violet D. Mwanjali
Country Report -Libya, Day 6, 19:37-21:31 Doaa Mormesh
Country Report Argentina - SEDRONAR, Day 7, 07:43-07:50 Lic. Gabriela Torres
Development of an online facilitator training programme for Strong Families - an open-source family skills prevention programme aiming to prevent a broad spectrum of risk behaviours - Karin Haar, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Dr Karin Haar
Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention: Uganda's Story - Dr Brian Sekayombya, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Dr Brian Sekayombya
Drug Policy, Day 1, Track 1, 11:00-12:30 US. Senator Mattie Hunter, Prof. Michal Miovský, MA, PhD, Dr. Wadih Maalouf, Jason Kew HonMFPH
Drug Policy, Day 3, Track 2, 13:30-15:30 Phaedon Kaloterakis, Matej Košir
Drug Treatment Services: Addressing the needs of victims of Human Trafficking - Elizabeth Sáenz, Gui QiHui , Blessing Mandima, Day 4, 17:30-18:04 Elizabeth Sáenz, Gui QiHui , Blessing Mandima
Dual Pathology in Drug Users in Treatment at CIJ, Mexico - Dr Carmen Fernandez, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Dr Carmen Fernandez
Educational Prevention, Day 3, Track 1, 09:00-10:30 Majed Alloush, Diego Fernando Riofrío Jaramillo, Ioan Dan Gheorghita, Diana Sonia Astocondor Fuertes, Samuel Bettiol
Effectiveness of Mindfulness Cognitive Behaviour on Relapse Prevention Across Socio-Demographic Patterns of Participants: Insights from Kenya - Jacqueline A. Anundo, Day 5, 11:00-12:31 Jacqueline A. Anundo
Epidemiology, Day 1, Track 2, 13:30 - 15:00 Dr. Evelyn Higgins, Dr. Faith Izibenua Zibs, Lambert Oigara
Epidemiology, Day 3, Track 3, 09:00-10:30 Pierluigi Mancini, Ph.D., Vlahopoulou Melpomeni Ioanna, Dr. Samir Mohamed Foad Abou El Magd
Evidence for the universal, selective and indicated prevention of illicit substance use based on a systematic review and data science - Orlando Scoppetta, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Orlando Scoppetta
Evidence-based substance use prevention program for children and adolescents. The implementation of Planet Youth in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina - Matias Garcia Teran, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Matias Garcia Teran
Humphrey Fellows, Day 2, Track 1, 09:00-10:30 Adam Kurilla, Asia Ashraf, Bawo James, MD
ICUDDR, Day 1, Track 1, 13:30 - 15:00 Dr. Beatrice Kathungu, Jimena Kalawski, Dr. Miriam Cue, Prof. Michal Miovský, MA, PhD
Identifying the existence of substance use problems in children 7 to 12 in Asunción, Paraguay - Geraldine G. Willim , Day 4, 09:00 - 10:29 Geraldine G. Willim
Impulsivity and Aggression Among Crystal Meth and Cannabis Users - Muhammad Shafique, Day 4, 15:30-16:57 Muhammad Shafique
INEP Plus, Day 2, Track 2, 09:00-10:30 Asst. Prof. Horálek Helena, Dr. Rachele Donini, Jeff Lee
Innovative approach for smartphone applications to share trustworthy information on parenting and family skills – the scaling of Children Immunization App (CIMA) in Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa - Dr. Ziad El-Khatib, Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Dr. Ziad El-Khatib
International Collaboration Activities: Which role for ECMAPS in tackling global health challenges? - Sophia Achab, Day 5, 11:00-12:31 Sophia Achab
Irregular Migration and Drug Trafficking: Assessing the Prevalence among Identified Female Migrant Returnees in Nigeria - Daniel Ikenna Molobe, Day 4, 15:30-16:57 Daniel Ikenna Molobe
ITTC Network, Day 2, Track 2, 11:00-12:30 Dr. Iryna Pinchuk, Dr. Marina Piazza, Goodman Sibeko, MBChB, PhD, Dr. LE, Minh Giang
Keynote Speaker: Dr Nora Volkow, Day 2, 16:00-17:30 Dr Nora Volkow
Keynote Speaker: Former U.S. Congressman: Patrick J. Kennedy, Day 3, Track 1, 08:30-09:00 Patrick J. Kennedy - Former U.S. Congressman
Keynote Speakers - WHO & UNODC and ICQ Official Launch, Day 2, Track 1, 08:00-09:00 Dr Vladimir Poznyak MD, PhD Giovanna Campello, Dr. Mariano Montenegro, Brian Morales, Dr. Annette Dale-Perera
Lemons to Lemonade' Foundations of Recovery: The Humane Face of the Philippine War on Drugs (Addiction) - Junjun Abella MAC RGC ICRC ICAPIII, Day 5, 11:00-12:31 Junjun Abella MAC RGC ICRC ICAPIII
Life satisfaction and conflict management styles in people with substance use disorders - Sana Ullah Rathore, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Sana Ullah Rathore
Mitigating the negative effects of COVID-19 on family life and youth resilience with evidence informed tools - Dr Aala El-Khani, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Dr Aala El-Khani
Models of Recovery: influence of psychosocial factors on substance use recovery - Antonio Molina Fernandes, Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Antonio Molina Fernandes
National Chapter -Italy, Day 4, 07:26-07:50 Giovanna Garofalo
National Chapter Afghanistan, Day 5, 18:24-18:36 Ahmad Irshad Mansoor, MD, MSc
National Chapter Argentina, Day 7, 07:31-07:43 Dr Roberto Canay
National Chapter Botswana, Day 4, 18:56-19:17 Dr Morekwe Selemogwe-Matsetse; Mr Phenyo Sebonego
National Chapter Brazil, Day 6, 21:34-21:54 National Chapter Brazil
National Chapter Chile, Day 6, 07:21-07:43 Lorena Contreras
National Chapter Czech Republic, Day 5, 17:51-18:15 National Chapter Czech Republic
National Chapter Ecuador, Day 6, 08:05-08:17 Diego Riofrío Jaramillo
National Chapter Greece, Day 7, 08:48-08:56 Natalia Zachartzi; Phaedon Kaloterakis
National Chapter India, Day 7, 15:46-16:05 National Chapter India
National Chapter Indonesia, Day 5, 08:23-08:28 National Chapter Indonesia
National Chapter Kazakhstan, Day 5, 19:04-19:23 Nadezhda Cherchenko
National Chapter Kenya, Day 4, 08:12-08:35 Evans Oloo
National Chapter Lebanon, Day 3, 08:12-08:27 Nour Mardam; Anthony Abi Zeid
National Chapter Mexico, Day 6, 19:11-19:37 National Chapter Mexico
National Chapter Nigeria, Day 6, 17:53-18:20 Martin O. Agwogie, PhD
National Chapter Pakistan, Day 7, 16:05-16:42 Saima Asghar
National Chapter South Africa, Day 6, 02:57-03:17 Roger Weimann
National Chapter Spain, Day 7, 16:42-17:06 National Chapter Spain
National Chapter The Gambia, Day 7, 17:06-17:27 Mamudou Jallow
National Chapter Togo, Day 6, 06:36-07:03 Bohm, Mawouena K.
National Chapter Uganda, Day 6, 18:45-18:54 Kasirye Rogers
National Chapter Ukraine, Day 7, 08:21-08:48 Dr Iryna Pinchuk
National Chapter United Arab Emirates, Day 7, 17:27-17:44 National Chapter United Arab Emirates
National Chapter United Kingdom, Day 6, 08:49-08:56 Dr Carmel Clancy
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome related to prenatal exposure to synthethic opioids:The need for comprehensive, multi-disciplinary response - Elizabeth Sáenz, Radolf Nortey, Laleh Ashrafi Kakhki, 15:30-16:57 Elizabeth Sáenz, Radolf Nortey, Laleh Ashrafi Kakhki
NRC Academic Partners, Day 3, Track 2, 09:00 -10:30 Professor Emmanuel Stip, Carl M. Gaspar, Ph.D., Amar Sabri Ahmad, Ph.D.
NRC Studies on Stigma and Family, Day 1, Track 2, 15:30-17:00 Dr. Hisham Elarabi, Dr. Olha Myshakivska
NRC International Partners (Regional), Day 3, Track 2, 11:00-12:30 Ivan Montoya, M.D., M.P.H., Dr. Amr Osman, Dr. Raghdah Algamil
NRC International Partners, Day 1, Track 3, 13:30-15:00 Dr. Gregory Bunt and, Dr. Marc Potenza
NRC Research Studies, Day 1, Track 2, 11:00 - 12:30 Ms. Mariam Al Hadhrami, Dr. Samya Al Memari, Dr. Shamil Wanigaratne
Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speaker - Professor Michael Farrell, Day 1, Track 1, 09:00 - 10:30 Professor Michael Farrell
Partner Profile African Union Abel Basutu(PhD)
Partner Profile CADCA Barrye L. Price, PhD
Partner Profile Colombo Plan Nathalie Panabokke
Partner Profile DFAF Amy Ronshausen
Partner Profile GCCC Becky Vaughn
Partner Profile ICUDDR Cary Hopkins-Eyles
Partner Profile INL Partner Profile INL
Partner Profile IntNSA Dr Carmel Clancy
Partner Profile ISAM Prof. Alexander Balduccino, M.D., MRCPSYCH; FRCPSYCH; FRCPE; FISAM; MPHIL; PHD
Partner Profile ISSUP Partner Profile ISSUP
Partner Profile NAADAC Cynthia Moreno Tuohy
Partner Profile NIDA Jennifer A. Hobin,PhD; Lindsey Friend,PhD
Partner Profile NRC H.E. Dr Hamad Al Ghafri
Partner Profile OAS/CICAD Partner Profile OAS/CICAD
Partner Profile UNODC Partner Profile UNODC
Partner Profile VNOGC Partner Profile VNOGC
Partner Profile WHO Dr Vladimir Poznyak
Pattern and Socio-Demographic Correlation of Substance Use Among Patients Attending the Drug Unit of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital - Dr. Aborlo Kennedy Nkporbu, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Dr. Aborlo Kennedy Nkporbu
Positive Youth Development Project: A University Training Experience in Family Prevention (Spain)  - Carmen Orte, Day 4, 09:00-10:29 Carmen Orte
Prevalence of Alcohol Consumption and Factors Influencing Alcohol Abuse Among School-Attending Adolescents in Lagos State, Nigeria: Implications for Prevention Interventions - Oluseyi Odewale Ph.D, Day 4, 11:00-12:30 Oluseyi Odewale Ph.D
Prevention Panel, Day 3, Track 1, 15:30-17:30 Diane (Denni) Fishbein, PhD, Prof. Dr. Harry Sumnall, Peer van der Kreeft
Prevention, Day 2, Track 1, 11:00-12:30 Amy Ronshausen, Carlton Hall, Carmen Orte, Ph.D., Eric C. Brown, Ph.D., Gidien Ryaan Amri
Psychiatric Co-Morbidity and Substance Use Associated with Medication Adherence Among People Living with HIV, Virology Clinic of University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital - Dr Aborlo Kennedy Nkporbu, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Dr Aborlo Kennedy Nkporbu
Study on Relapse and Associated Factors among Drug Users in Bangladesh - Iqbal Masud , Day 5, 11:00-12:31 Iqbal Masud
Technology, Day 2, Track 1, 14:00-15:30 Azucena Avalos Jara, MSc Barak Shapira, Ph.D., Dr. Yatan Pal Singh Balhara
The Effectiveness of Telemedicine to Prevent Relapse among a Clinical Sample of Substance-Use Disorder Patients: an Experience from a Developing Country during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Kristiana Siste, MD, PhD, Day 5, 11:00-12:31 Kristiana Siste, MD, PhD
The growth of a global Network of Early Career Professionals working in Addiction Medicine (NECPAM) - Dr Nirvana Morgan, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Dr Nirvana Morgan
The impact of media based anti-smoking messages upon intent to cease among smokers: A quasi-experimental study - Nazish Idrees Chaudhary, Day 4, 15:30-16:57 Nazish Idrees Chaudhary
The lack of evidence of a link between climate change and substance use - The need to assess the impact in low- and middle-income countries - Dr. Ziad El-Khatib, Day 4,15:30-16:57 Dr. Ziad El-Khatib
The Plight of Trading Life and Death, Tharra (Illicit Liquor): Qualitative Studay Findings - Dr Nazila Bano Khalid, Day 4, 15:30-16:57 Dr Nazila Bano Khalid
The Role of Traumatic Life Events Among Patients at the Mathari Drug Rehabilitation Centre - Dr Matilda Mghoi Omollo, Day 4, 15:30-16:57 Dr Matilda Mghoi Omollo
Towards Indicated Prevention: Validation of the English Version of the Self- Administered Addiction Severity Index in a Co-occuring Treatment Facility - Olajumoke M. Koyejo, Day 5, 09:00-10:30 Olajumoke M. Koyejo
Treatment, Day 1, Track 3, 11:00-12:30 Rodrigo Goycolea Martinic, Elizabeth Ogunbiyi, MPH, Joel K. Johnson, Natalia Zachartzi, MSc
Treatment, Day 1, Track 3, 15:30 -17:00 Richard Goncalves, MD, Dr. Igor Koutsenok, Lydia Ajayi, Mauro Patti
Treatment, Day 3, Track 3, 13:30-15:00 Pablo Carvacho, Vu Thi Tuong Vi, MPH , Dr. Samya Al Mamari, Richard Rawson, Ph.D.
Universal Prevention, Day 3, Track 1, 13:30-15:00 Manish Kumar, Dr. Pall Rikhardsson, Dr. Patricia Ros
UNODC Corruption related to drug use disorders - Elizabeth Sáenz, Alice UHL, Léna NGNOGUE, Day 5,11:00-12:31 Elizabeth Sáenz, Alice UHL, Léna NGNOGUE
Voices of ISSUP - Caroline Kahiu, Day 6, 08:37-08:49 Caroline Kahiu
Voices of ISSUP - David Sidney Mangwegape, Day 4, 19:17-19:38 David Sidney Mangwegape,
Voices of ISSUP - Dr Ana Sierra, Day 7, 08:00-08:21 Dr Ana Sierra
Voices of ISSUP - Dr Salman Shahzad, Day 5, 08:34-08:54 Dr Salman Shahzad
Voices of ISSUP - Mulka Nišić, Day 5, 17:30-17:51 Mulka Nišić
Voices of ISSUP - Natia Stepanishvili, Day 5, 03:56-04:20 Natia Stepanishvili
ISSUP дауыстары - Рима Саад Түрк, 4 күн, 08:35-08:55 Rima Saade Turk
Voices of ISSUP - Wendy Achieng Gaya Waithaka, Day 4, 18:04-18:24 Wendy Achieng Gaya Waithaka
Workforce, Day 2, Track 2, 14:00-15:30 Dr. Lameze Abrahams, Zall Kepli MD Rejab, Rasha Abi Hana, Prof. Michal Miovský, MA, PhD, Nady el-Guebaly, C.M., MD, DPsych, DPH, FRCPC, DABAM, CISAM, DLFAPA, EFACP, FASAM, DFCPA
Workforce, Day 3, Track 3, 11:00-12:30 Dr. Roshan Bhad, Dr Carmel Clancy, PhD, Dr. Nirvana Morgan